About Me

Hi! Thank you for your interest in Twilight Diving. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself:

My name is Mirjam Jacobs, I am originally from the Netherlands and I live on Bonaire since 2012. I used to be a primary school teacher but in 2014 I made a career switch and became a dive professional. 2020 gave me the opportunity to start focussing on what I like the most: night diving.

During night dives you’ll see that reefs are completely different than during the day. Some marine life is going to sleep while others get active. Also, it’s much more about the details because with your dive light you are only paying attention to a small area. I like to look for the unusual stuff, including the small creatures that easily go unnoticed. You never know what you are going to find, the underwater world is full of surprises. People always compliment me on my eye for detail, and guess what, at night all the cool critters come out! I’m looking forward to share my passion with you.

By the way, I like underwater photography too! All pictures on this website are mine. If you need some tips and tricks I am glad to share my knowledge. Check out the Gallery if you like to see my latest Instagram photos.

about me, Mirjam at the beach

Explore the ocean at night, and discover a whole new world with your diving light!