Below you will find an overview of all activities Twilight Diving has to offer. All dives (except for blackwater) are conducted from shore. If you rather go out by boat, this is available on request and at a surcharge. If you would like to have more information about the activities and/or would like to make a reservation, please get in touch!

Twilight Dive

This dive is especially for ‘new’ night divers. After a detailed briefing we’re starting the dive around sunset so there’s still some daylight. While under water the day slowly turns into the night and you will see the reef is changing too. It’s an interesting time on the reef since some marine life is going to sleep while others get active.

Regular Night Dive

After sunset there has been a transformation under water. With your dive light you are more focussed and the reef literally comes to life. It appears to be more beautiful and colorful. Also you’ll start noticing all the small shiny eyes and movements in and around the coral heads. It’s a mysterious and exciting experience, not to be missed!

Macro Night Dive

We all know that Bonaire is the ‘shore diving capital’ of the world. But did you know it’s also considered the macro capital of the Caribbean? During this night dive we’re focused on looking for the smallest nocturnal critters like: crabs / shrimps / nudibranchs / small morays / small scorpionfish, and anything else we can find! 

Ostracods Night Dive

Each month after full moon this unique phenomenon can be seen here on Bonaire! It’s only visible for a short period of time so we have to be in the water at exactly the right moment. Words can’t really describe the experience you will get during this dive. Even the video doesn’t do justice, since the Ostracods are so hard to capture. Imagine you are being surrounded by thousands of ocean fireflies. 

Blue light Night Dive

Want to see something completely different under water? Join us on this funky dive! Armed with blue lights and yellow filters you will get to explore the reef in a completely different way. The reefs turn into a glow-in-the-dark environment. It’s almost surreal with all the bright fluorescent colors. 

blackwater Night Dive

Are you ready to take a leap into the ‘bottomless’ ocean? Blackwater diving is truly an out-of-space experience and for the first time offered on Bonaire.  It’s actually a shallow dive conducted from a boat. At night planktonic marine life will arise from the deep in search of food. During the dive you glide through the dark water and look for the small hidden gems floating by. 

Experienced night divers only, good buoyancy control is a must!

Bonfire Night Dive

Does blackwater sound a bit too exhilarating but are you interested in a similair adventure? A bonfire dive is a simplified version of a black water dive and actually one of our favorite dives to do. It’s conducted from shore and close to the reef. During the dive we’re looking for planktonic creatures and the final larval stages of our favorite reef creatures. We are one of the few places in the Caribbean that offer this unique dive. It’s guaranteed you will see something you have never seen before!

Night Snorkel

You don’t have a diving certification but still want to explore the reef at night? Then the ‘night snorkel’ is something for you! We will provide the lights and take you out to an area which suits your experience and needs. 

PADI Night Diver Specialty

If you want to become a night diver specialist we offer the PADI Night Diver Specialty program. The course consists of 3 dives in which you will learn all about dive planning, light handling and communication, navigation and nocturnal marine life.

Prerequisites: PADI Open Water certification (or equal) and minimum 12 years old.

Available on request only


All our trips are private so we can customize to your preferences. Dive lights will be provided free of charge. Please be informed that personal diving equipment, tanks and weights are not included. Tanks and weights can be provided at a surcharge. 

  • 1 person: $75,-
  • 2 persons or more: $60,- per person

** Rate for boat dives and/or black water dives on request **


Explore The Ocean at night, and discover a whole new world with your diving light!